Salcombe aims to inspire in all pupils a love of learning by offering the best possible education, meaningful engagement in learning, participation in a wide range of activities and opportunities to develop the attitudes and values which will prepare our young people to lead happy, stimulating, useful and fulfilled lives.

Being one of the top independent preparatory schools in North London, we provide our students with a traditional education, delivered in modern and innovative ways. From the moment the children arrive in Preschool they are encouraged to grow into confident, exceptional and above all, curious students.

We strongly believe that the charge of our students does not end when they graduate in Year 6, but continues throughout their formal education, and adult life.

Aspire, achieve, believe

At Salcombe we inspire a love of learning which our students carry with them throughout life. This love of learning allows our students to aspire to their own ideas of success, achieve the results they target and believe in themselves.

Dare to know – Sapere Aude

We believe in not just knowing, but understanding. Education that creates understanding of the value of human endeavour, of persistence in reaching a goal, of the need for effort to overcome obstacles.

Educational Excellence

Our educational excellence isn’t limited to academia. Our excellence ethos expands to music, art, sport and drama developing a confidence of self expression in our students. Self expression, a love of learning and an appetite for understanding fuels our education excellence.


A rich heritage, strong academic traditions and sound foundations.


Salcombe Preparatory School opens under the headship of Miss Freda Deakin and later Miss Ethel Deakin, Salcombe was established in Hornsey, North London. The school began with eight “well-to-do” children. A short while later, the Misses Deakin moved their school to its new site at 8 Avenue Road, Southgate, which is just around the corner from the present Chase Side site.


The advent of the zeppelin raids during 1917 meant that remaining in London became impossible and the decision was taken for the school to evacuate staff and pupils to Salcombe House, the Deakin family’s country residence.


At the end of WWI, the school and family relocated to Avenue Road, where Salcombe reopened in September 1918 with just fourteen pupils.


Houses on Chase Side were acquired in 1942 and 1945, followed by a hall which was built in 1969. The school had 140 boys and girls on the roll in 1973.


The end of an era arrived in 1975. After a magnificent effort of fifty nine years as Salcombe Headmistress, Miss Ethel Deakin retired just two years before her death, in 1977, at the age of 84 years.


The newly formed Cognita Schools Ltd acquired Salcombe along with other Asquith Court Schools. With the burgeoning of the Salcombe roll the ‘Library’, a Grade II listed building in Green Road, a short distance away, was purchased and Salcombe became a two-site school.


Mrs Sarah Jane Davies commences as Head of Salcombe Preparatory School. Sarah has worked at another Cognita school (Duncombe School) in a variety of roles including Associate Headmistress, Academic Deputy and Head of the Lower School since 2003.


Salcombe celebrates its Centenary Year and is rated 100% Outstanding in all areas by SIS.


Salcombe joins the Independent Schools Association, the oldest organisation for the heads of independent schools in the UK


Salcombe is awarded the Silvermark for Sport.

Salcombe Preparatory School