Virtually Open...

While our physical doors are currently closed, we are very much open to continue the education of all our students.

“Salcombe clearly is an extraordinary learning environment and so much more. It is a community, a hive of activity and a place where children can flourish”

Welcome to Salcombe Preparatory School. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

A past rowing pupil of mine wrote to me after her World Rowing Championships Bronze medal “You have made me what I am.” This inspired me to become a teacher. I have taught in, led and inspected a variety of prep schools, teaching a range of subjects from Nursery to Year 8.

“Sometimes, the smallest things can take the most room in your heart.” What has become apparent to me is that Salcombe has a heart and the children possess a real desire to learn that is not present in all schools.

I have spent considerable time analysing the pressures faced by pupils during a school day. These pressures, including getting on with all the other children, can be underestimated. So, when I say that I am pupil-centred, I mean that I genuinely try to put myself in the children’s shoes.

Perseverance, aspiration and a growth mindset have made me who I am today and I aim to instil these same attributes in each child at Salcombe. I strongly believe in “the things that make me different, make me.” For the children to learn about teamwork, be inquisitive, be genuine, be gracious, be a good example to others, show resilience and be self-reliant, they need individualised levels of challenge and considerate mentoring. I am driven to help your children find themselves, develop their character and prepare them for the real world.


Mr Graeme Smith

BSc (Hons), PGCE, MED

Head of School

020 8441 5356