Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Broader Curriculum

During this period of online learning, we are as keen as ever to ensure that pupils receive as broad an experience as possible

Broader Curriculum

During this period of online learning, we are as keen as ever to ensure that pupils receive as broad an experience as possible


For Preschool, we would suggest that parents read to children as often as possible, maybe tracking the words with their finger so the children can see what the adult is reading. Young children like to read the same book repetitively; this should be encouraged as the child will memorise the book, then role-play reading the book as their grown-up does. This is a great early reading skill. Story time is on the Preschool timetable and teachers will be putting up videos of themselves reading to the children.

For children in Reception to Year 2, links to various online reading books have already been sent home. Children should be encouraged to read every day to a grown-up. Also, a grown-up could read to the child as a lovely activity to do together. There are great audiobooks available online too at Audible.

For Prep pupils, reading is the single most important activity with regards to overall academic progress. While establishing a frequent and rigorous reading routine is important, it is also important to focus on exposing your child to different types of literature (poems, non-fiction, classics, magazines, letters, newspaper articles, etc…). It is also crucial that the children are given the opportunity to discuss what they have read, even if this means reading fewer pages. Questions should ask children to predict what is going to occur, to comment on techniques the author has used, to comment on a character’s qualities (using evidence from the text to back up their opinions) and finally to recommend specific texts to specific groups of people.

Reading lists for Years 3-4 and 5-6 can be found below.

Years 3-4

Years 5-6

PE Lessons

Additional PE time has been added to the timetable. Games, unfortunately, is unlikely to work in these circumstances, but we do want to offer more opportunities for pupils to undertake teacher-directed activities and share their evaluations.

The extra PE sessions are on the updated timetables during the previous ‘games’ slot.

For Prep children, one lesson will be fitness based, while the other lesson will be sport based (as much as possible). Our sport this half term will be athletics. There will also be a weekly challenge for the children to take part in and lastly, we are asking the children to keep a diary of their daily activity. The children should be aiming to be active for sixty minutes per day. While we appreciated this is more difficult currently, we are trying to encourage the children to be creative in how they can be active in the space they have.

Cognita Home Olympics

In the absence of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the Cognita Home Olympics will be a great way of connecting, competing and celebrating through physical endeavour. All schools will be invited to participate in these games in the week of May 18th – 22nd. The Games will start with an opening ceremony and the Cognita Creed.

Each day will include one fitness and one skill event for every age group (including parents!) for 4 days, with the closing ceremony and results announced on the 5th day. The standards will be circulated at the end of April giving pupils and families the chance to train for their selected events, and examples might include things like the plank or juggling!

It will be an opportunity to represent themselves, their schools and their countries with passion and pride and enjoy the way sport can bring our global community together to be happier and healthier.

We will send out further details about how to enter by the beginning of May.


Competitions are a series of optional pupil competitions, designed to provide our pupils with an opportunity to connect and share their creative flair across the organisation. We want to celebrate their work and use it to reinforce the importance of our global perspective and relationships, more details will follow shortly. There will be a series of four competitions based on the following titles:

  1. From my window
  2. Sunshine after the rain
  3. Thank you
  4. Recycling for a better world

Results of each competition will be shared on the Cognita Online Community and the school/pupil will be contacted directly to present their prize from the individual competition judge.

More information will be provided as the term progresses.

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