Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

The Form Teacher will, as always, keep an overview of the pupils’ wellbeing by checking-in with pupils in small groups, in form lessons and at either end of the day, where possible. It is important that pupils and parents know that we are here to support them during our Online Teaching and Learning Programme. If you have any pastoral or wellbeing concerns, please contact us at

A range of resources, tips and advice to help families during school closures is available and will be continually updated on the Cognita website.



All children will be registered using the submission of work as a record of attendance in both morning and afternoon sessions.


Mrs Catlin will undertake assemblies as usual.  Each week she will invite a form class to an assembly via Microsoft Teams through Seesaw, as well as holding a half house assembly time with every class. A link to the Teams calls will be added to the class announcement pages. Children simply then click on to join.



This will continue in the same format as last term. As with physical lessons in the classroom, we ask that pupils please give a thumbs up when they arrive in lessons and let the teachers know if they have to leave or miss a lesson.

Form time

In order to drive our pastoral provision, we would like pupils to check in their Form Team before lesson one and at 4 pm each day to see if there are any notices and for the pupils to pass on any relevant information to the form teacher. We do understand that flexibility is key in these different times, and we understand that pupils and teachers may not be available at this time, but the system will allow messages to be left that can be responded to during the course of the day.

‘Character Teams’

We introduced Character Teams to enable the pupils to reflect upon what they have learnt about learning itself, learning online and about learning about themselves. This backs up some of the work covered in Mr Smith’s assemblies and in form discussion. This will continue and evolve during the summer term.


Mr Smith will invite a form class to an assembly through Teams video conferencing. To access this, pupils will see a highlighted notification about the meeting in the general posts. In the dark blue section to the right-hand-side, there are three dots. Clicking on these dots gives options for joining the meeting.

Please click on the microphone icon in the middle to mute the microphone, otherwise there will be lots of background noise and it will be difficult for everyone to listen.

You can send messages in the video chat, by clicking on the three dots, to ask questions or to let Mr Smith know that you have something to say. Try not to overuse this.

It is possible that not everybody will be visible, as priority is given to those who are speaking. Mr Smith will try to give everyone an opportunity to speak. Mr Smith will add a link to the meeting in the form class before the meeting starts.

PSHE and T&P Lessons

To further support the pastoral development of the pupils as a priority, these lessons are added to the new timetable.

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