Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Timetables have been amended to include full subject coverage, including form time, and will be sent separately, together with the term’s curriculum leaflets. We realise that not all pupils will be able to be online at the right times for every lesson. However, we have found that pupils enjoy the structure afforded by the timetable. Please let your teacher know if you cannot be online at a certain time and let them know if you upload any tasks at other times so that they can provide feedback.

The assignments set are available for all. At times, some pupils may not be able to complete all work or may miss a lesson. We need to be flexible and adapt to this. Please do not feel that other important aspects of the day should be sacrificed just to complete a specific piece of work. Also, at the other end of the scale, if a pupil wishes to explore a topic and go deeper, please go for it and don’t feel that you can only do what is set. As always, communicate with your teacher through the posts.

Form time may take place Microsoft Teams video call for part of a session so that the children can see and interact with each other through discussion, debate and have the ability to share their learning.

For Pre-Prep students, a link will be sent via the announcements section of Seesaw.

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