Salcombe Prep School inspires a love of learning in all our pupils through providing an excellent education and meaningful engagement in a range of activities and opportunities that enable our happy children to thrive and feel prepared in an ever-changing world.

We aim for all students to:

  • Develop a lifelong love of learning
  • Enjoy their time at school
  • Enjoy a feeling of success in their lives
  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for their actions
  • Develop a positive, self-reliant attitude to learning in general and school in particular
  • Develop an attitude of care, concern and social responsibility towards others
  • Develop good relationships and friendships
  • Celebrate diversity by respecting the beliefs and convictions of others
  • Understand and uphold the school values
  • Enhance their learning by using technology safely
  • Celebrate their successes and endeavours
  • Continue to develop good manners and courtesy, truthfulness and considerate actions, personal responsibility, self-discipline and social responsibility

We aim for all Salcombe staff to:

  • Provide high quality teaching and learning
  • Appreciate each child’s uniqueness.
  • Provide opportunities where children are valued for their differences
  • Add value through each child’s achievement of personal excellence academically, creatively and in the fields of sporting and artistic endeavour
  • Educate the “whole person” through giving each Salcombe child opportunities to develop into a thoughtful, caring, independent, reliable and responsible member of the Salcombe family and the wider community
  • Build and enhance a positive school culture whilst continuing to maintain the school ethos
  • Encourage and nurture the development of virtues and the gifts of character
  • Enjoy their work and find it fulfilling
  • Encourage excellence in an environment where each child is challenged to do their best
  • Support and encourage every child to achieve

We aim for all Salcombe parents to:

  • Support the school and reinforce its values
  • Celebrate the achievements of individuals in all areas of school and community life
  • Enjoy a collegial and supportive partnership to ensure that the school can foster the potential of all children
  • Participate in feedback opportunities

The Golden Rules:

  • We are honest and make positive choices
  • We listen and respect others
  • We have a growth mindset which allows us to thrive
  • We are careful and tidy
  • We are inclusive and play collaboratively
  • We are kind and gentle to each other
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