Early Years Foundation Stage Key Information

Ages Taught3 - 5 years old
Year Groups TaughtPreschool and Reception

'A Day In The Life' Videos

Early Years Provision of Information

The following information is available to all parents:

  • How the EYFS is being provided in the setting (including any alternative provision in the case of exemptions);
  • How parents and carers can access more information about the EYFS;
  • The range and type of activities and experiences provided for children;
  • The daily routines of the setting;
  • How parents and carers can share learning at home;
  • How the setting supports children with SEN or disabilities;
  • Food and drinks provided for children;
  • Details of policies and procedures including the procedure in the event that a parent/carer fails to collect a child and the procedure for dealing with the circumstance of a child going missing at, or away from, the setting;
  • Staffing levels;
  • The name and role of the child’s key person and their role; and
  • An emergency contact number for parents to use.


The educational journey at Salcombe starts at Preschool, which is very much part of the Salcombe family.  Children in Preschool and Reception follow the Early Years Curriculum.

Please click below to download an example timetable and termly curriculum plan.



Outdoor Learning

In Preschool and Reception all pupils enjoy our Outdoor Learning lessons taught by a specialist teacher. Outdoor learning is a unique approach to learning which involves children having real life experiences whilst exploring the world around them.  At Salcombe, we have a programme of studies which capitulates these learning opportunities through Science, Enrichment and Personal, Social and Emotional development.  The world around us is an amazing place and when children really explore it, their learning excels, using natural curiosity and questioning.  We go out in most weathers, after all there is no such thing as inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing!


At Preschool, the students are not set homework, apart from the daily reading each child must do at home with their parents. We encourage children to explore the world around them and share their experiences with their peers during school.  In Reception no homework is set during the first half of the Autumn term, apart from reading, to allow the students to settle into the routine of attending school every day.  After the first half term, spellings are set each week and tested once the children have had an appropriate amount of time to learn them.


Children are assessed throughout the year through tests, exams, classwork, behaviour and other criteria. From Preschool onwards feedback is given from their form tutor as well as the subject specialist teachers in Modern Foreign Languages, Music and PE.

Reports are produced each term, and Parent Teacher Conferences take place twice a year in the Autumn and Spring Term.

Transition to Reception

We require all children in Preschool to attend a minimum of 5 sessions and we encourage children to start moving towards full time attendance by their final term in the Preschool, to help prepare them for their transition to Reception, subject to availability.

During the Summer Term, Preschool children who will transition to Salcombe Reception will spend the morning in their new classrooms with their new teachers. Children who will join Salcombe for Reception from other nurseries and preschools are also welcome.

An assembly is held for new and existing parents where Miss Sands and Mr Booth explain the transition.

Once the children start in September, they work in the whole year group for two weeks which allows the Reception teachers to observe the students, and then split them into form groups for the rest of the year.

A Day in the Life of a Preschool student

“Every morning I skip into Preschool excited to see my friends. We start the day with playing together and Ms Andreou asks us how we are. She helps us to learn while we are playing by showing us the different shapes and colours on our toys. My favourite is counting all the  wheels on our big red fire engine! There are 8 wheels, and I can also find other circle shapes as well.

Each week we join the rest of the Pre-Prep for assemblies and I always like to see my older friends in Reception and the other years. When we come back, Ms Andreou and the Teaching Assistants help us with our reading, writing and counting. Sometimes we work together in groups and sometimes we sit with one of the teachers and show them much we’ve learnt to read. We have lots of books to read!

During the day we have fruit and snacks, as well as a delicious cooked lunch and we get to spend lots of time outside in the fresh air – so long as it’s not raining of course!”

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