Pre-Prep Key Information

Ages Taught4 - 7 years old
Year Groups TaughtYears 1 and 2

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Transition across phases is carefully planned so that teachers are well prepared and pupils and parents are well supported in overcoming any concerns regarding unfamiliar environments, making new friends and different teachers. Pupils welcome the provision of an older school buddy to support them as they move up the school.


At Salcombe we follow the National Curriculum in Years 1 and 2.

Please click below to download example timetables and termly curriculum plans.

Year 1

Year 2

Outdoor Learning

All pupils in Year 1 and 2 enjoy our Outdoor Learning lessons taught by a specialist teacher. Outdoor Learning is a unique approach to learning which involves children having real life experiences whilst exploring the world around them.  At Salcombe, we have a programme of studies which capitulates these learning opportunities through Science, Enrichment and Personal, Social and Emotional development.  The world around us is an amazing place and when children really explore it, their learning excels, using natural curiosity and questioning.  We go out in most weathers, after all there is no such thing as inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing!


In Years 1 and 2, children will receive Maths homework, such as learning times tables, added once the children are ready, and tested during the week.


Children are assessed throughout the year through tests, exams, classwork, behaviour and other criteria. Feedback is given from their form tutor as well as the subject specialist teachers in Modern Foreign Languages, Music and PE.

Reports are produced each term and Parent Teacher Conferences take place twice a year in the Autumn and Spring Terms.

Transition to Prep

Transition from Pre-Prep to Prep can be daunting, but we find that the students take it in their stride and adjust quickly. In order to make the change as easy as possible, a Transition Day takes place in the Summer Term, where Year 2 children spend the morning at Prep, and follow the ‘Senior School Timetable’. They are teamed up with friends from Year 4 who guide them around the school, and explain what is required of them from September.

This change can be confusing for parents too, as we switch from the National to the ISEB Curriculum. Miss Sands holds an assembly for Year 2 parents during the Transition Day and explains what will be expected from the children and parents from September. Miss Sands, and Mrs Benvenutto, the Assistant Head – Academic , are then on hand to answer any particular questions.

A Day in the Life of a Year 1 Student

“I wear my blazer proudly when I walk into school, and make sure I set a good example to my younger friends in Preschool and Reception. I see them all in assembly each week, and I try to sit up straight and pay attention at all times.

I am in Year 1 now and our lessons are more and more challenging and important. In English I am starting to learn about grammar and how to write descriptively and in Maths I have learnt all about coins and I am going to learn how to add and subtract numbers. I am always practising my joined up handwriting and I have started to read some quite long books.

My timetable is full of different lessons now, and my subjects include RE, Science, History, Art and Geography. My favourite is ICT because we get to use laptops and learn how to use them for things like drawing. I also like PE because Miss Wallbank is showing us how to play Hockey.

I always make sure I get my homework done and read lots of books after school with my Mummy and Daddy.

I have been on lots of trips to exciting places like the London Transport Museum, and I look forward to the other trips we will go on each term. I am also very excited about moving up to Year 2 when I will be one of the oldest children at Pre-Prep. I will have to set the best example to my younger friends, and I will also sometimes help some of the Reception children with their reading.”

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