Back To School

For more details on how we are beginning our safe, orderly and effective transition back to school from 1 June, please read our Back to School Guide.

An army marches on its stomach, and it is no different at Salcombe. Busy brains need plenty of fuel to keep them conscientious, creative and curious. At Salcombe, the catering team works closely with Thomas Franks to provide the students with delicious and nutritious hot meals. The food is made from scratch on site each day – the chefs even bakes their own bread!

Launched in 2005, Thomas Franks sources the best seasonal produce, both local and regional, from family owned catering specialists. Wherever possible, Thomas Franks always use fair trade and GM free products, together with free range and organic produce.

Pupils’ needs are at the centre of all Thomas Franks’ thinking, from menu design to sourcing their suppliers and a wide variety of dietary needs are catered for.


View an example of our weekly menu

View an example of our weekly menu


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